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What makes a great gaming keyboard? We have figured it out with our research. There is no doubt that we love our mechanical keyboards for the old school feel and precision that keeps us working our strategies time and time again.

The Answer?

The switches used on the keyboard: mechanical vs. membrane vs. rubber domes

Gaming keyboards can use membrane keys, rubber domes, or mechanical switches. One problem is that manufacturers are not always honest about the type of keys that they offer, especially on budget keyboards, and use confusing terms in their marketing. For example, Roccat calls some of their keys as being membranical, while other manufacturers use the term “semi-mechanical.”

A keyboard is either mechanical, or it is not. There is no real “semi-mechanical” keyboard. When you come across such terms, manufacturers tell you that they sell a rubber dome or membrane keyboard that copies a few of the characteristics of mechanical keyboards. Often, they copy the keycaps used by mechanical keyboards, so that you can change them with ease, and they have a similar feel when pressing them.

Such keyboards usually have a rubbery layer placed atop a circuit board. Pressing a key depresses the membrane, which closes the underlying circuit and transmits the keystroke. When typing on a membrane or rubber dome keyboard, you can recognize it by how “squishy” the keys feel, or how hard you have to press the keys compared to mechanical switches.

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